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Media training

The relationship between journalists and those they are trying to interview is often based on a comedy of errors.

Evasion, bluster, rudeness, posturing and deceit are only a few of the possible outcomes and that's just on the journalists' part, never mind their subjects.


Often, the problem is one misunderstanding. The person being interviewed doesn't understand the interviewer's mindset, the information needed or the deadline for it. Or they may be unprepared for a certain line of questioning.

At other times the issue is a tactical one, of how much information to give or hold back. It may also be more deep-rooted, to do with inefficiency or a poor corporate media relations culture.

Extensive Experience

Nic Cicutti has almost 15 years' experience a senior financial journalist, mostly spent working on national newspapers. He has won many writing and editing awards, experiencing best and worst practice from hundreds of internal and external company spokespeople along the way.

Over the years, Nic has provided media training for several major financial institutions and PR companies, all based on repeat and word-of-mouth bookings.

Each Inspired Money media training course is tailored to meet specific needs, of individuals or groups. Participants are often set exercises based on real-life events, plus simulated interviews.

Training can last from a few hours to several days. Other journalists and PR experts may be brought in, if required. Should broadcast experience be needed, BBC-trained journalists and cameras can also be used.


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