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You have to feel sorry for some financial services companies.

They go all out to create and launch a product and no-one is interested, not the journalists, the consumers, or even the advisers who should be recommending it.

Hardly surprising, sometimes. For example, why should anyone be salivating at the thought of yet another fund tracking the index of top 100 UK companies but which is twice as expensive as others doing exactly the same job?

Part of the problem is that when decisions like this are made consumers rarely get a look-in, even though they are the ones most affected.

The alternative is to talk first to those who deal with the queries, gripes and complaints from members of the public each year.

People who understand what Edna Slocombe in Macclesfield, or Luke Strange in north London, or Brian Harris in Torquay each need and want.

Properly-used and objectively-structured consultation can deliver "win-win" results for both the industry and the public.

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